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i wish to learn:
how to play a PIANO
how to play a GUITAR
how to play a DRUM
how to play a SAXOPHONE
how to play a VIOLIN
how to play an ORGAN
how to DANCE well
how to SING better

i love musics so much
yet i dont have the chance to know more about them

i know how to play a TRUMPET
but there have been a very long time i dint practice on it

i know how to SING
but not really know much of the skills
still have to improve my singing skills

i know how to play a DRUM
yet just 2/6 of the very little basics i know

i know how to play a PIANO
however just know where's the keys and recognizing the pitches

i know GUITAR as well
yet just know how to strum and pluck
not knowing where's CDEFGAB notes

and for VIOLIN
i just know how to hold a violin and its stick in correct way

i just know how to dance following musics
i not really know

i dont have the time
but actually
im not allowed to learn them
the only chance i have is during visiting my friend's house
or during some events
maybe in choir practice

im trying to improve my 50:50 skills
hope that i would really can play all of the instruments that i wish to learn
wish that i can sing and dance
one day
maybe after STPM???
who knows...

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Don't let me go -

Looking forward to make a music album...
we are going to do all the stuffs:
writing lyrics, producing melody,
playing musical instruments,
going to studio for recording...
and also maybe we can make MVs...
cant wait for the moment.....
really excited!!!
there are already have 15 lyrics...
maybe there will be some more...
we just have to wait for the melody...
and then practice singing...
then go to studio...
after that
maybe taking videos
A brand new experience for me...

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Don't let me go -


dont ever think about any other thing

a big company offered me a job
although it's just a part time job
as a receptionist
receiving calls, arranging booking, and some paper works

should i accept it??
i know what should i do now is concentrate on my study
but then
this is really a great opportunity

somehow the manager purposely tell her people to give me a call
saying that their company need people

what should i do???

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Don't let me go -

a very boring holiday indeed
nothing to do
everyday wake up
waiting time passing

the most enjoyable time was the choir practice
sing and make fun with friends

another one
went to friend's house to compose songs
and learnt a little skills of playing a drum

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Don't let me go -


really miss my holiday so much
working and choir opera performance
new experiences for me

worked as a part timer in Chicago Rib House
miss staffs there so much
miss my customers
miss all my friends
miss the moments there
miss the Christmas and New Year countdown together


first time participating in opera
it was so fun
singing and dancing are my interest
really glad that i can have the chance to sing and dance there
although the dance is simple one for me
it's another form of performance

met new friends there
and conductors of choir in different schools
thanks for the patience and consultant all along that time
had a great time with them

hope to get the chance to take part in more performances like this

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Don't let me go -

schooling time
but my holiday mood still cant get away from me
so bad

still in B3
miss L6B3 so much
more fun more joy

just pray hard everything will be better in dis brand new year
all the best for everyone

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Don't let me go -


quite enjoy my day there

staffs there are friendly and crazy
but then
there were something happened
the stupid jealous-hearted little children
were really annoying

i also dont know what are they thinking of
maybe they are just too "innocent'

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Don't let me go -